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North Somerset Arts Week

I am taking part in venue 46, The Old School Rooms, Station Rd, Congresbury, Bristol, Avon, BS49 5DX. Together with Paul and Renate O’Donnell, wood/textile, and Graham Evans, painting.


Trout for dinner.

Acrylic on canvas.
Caught by our neighbour and given to us.

The passing of my mother, being there witnessing it, effected me deeply as it would anyone. To deal with that and difficulties between us I decided to paint and write about it. Not sure why ceramics was not my first medium to go to. But it helped.

Frog and Mouse

Acrylic on Canvas 2006

In 2006 it had been many years since I painted on a canvas and I decided to do something about it. My first painting was a painted collage of different images I liked. I call it “Frog and Mouse” and it still resides in my shed : ) A lot of people love it so I decided to make a ceramic version in the form of a Jug. I call that “Dinner Time” as the frog is concentrating on catching the butterfly.