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I have been on a creative journey for over 4 years, developing my current ceramics. Making, marketing, exhibiting, selling, shipping etc. Now I feel utterly deflated and empty. I think I need to relax for a little bit. Just enjoy being. But I know that in a while my brain will start spinning again, taking me off on this ceramic rocket.

My page at The Ceramic House Brighton

Detail, Rose Urn.

Hand modelled Roses in stoneware clay.

Making the Rose Urn

I use stoneware clay to coil the body then adding the hand modelled roses on, petal by petal.

Tools of my trade.

These are the tools I use for creating my work, the most important of course being my hand.

Catalogue image North Somerset Arts Week 2013

This Rose Urn is hand modelled in stoneware clay and high fired, so suitable to live out doors. It is ca 54 cm tall and will be exhibited during the Arts Week.

Sun Flower Bird Bath

This stoneware Sun flower is going to be exhibited at the Ceramic House exhibition, Brighton, in May. I posted a link to the venue earlier.